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Your Appliance Repair Specialists Since 1974.

Your Appliance Repair Specialists Since 1974.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair New Orleans

Serving Southern Louisiana including Jefferson Parish, Metairie, Slidell, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, and more!

When it comes to luxury kitchen appliances, Sub-Zero stands out with its unrivaled refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, and ice makers. These culinary marvels define elegance and functionality in every kitchen they inhabit. Solar Refrigeration & Appliance Service, with our rich legacy in Southeast Louisiana since 1974, emerges as the expert on Sub-Zero appliances. Harnessing a blend of experience, dedicated training, and passion, we ensure your Sub-Zero appliances in New Orleans receive the meticulous care they demand.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair New Orleans

We are authorized to service your Sub-Zero appliances under the manufacturer’s 6-10 year warranty—a testament to our trusted expertise and alignment with Sub-Zero’s standards.

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Lifetime Parts Warranty

We are the only appliance service company that offers a LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY on all parts purchased from and installed by Solar!

*Exclusions apply. See warranty information for details. Read Parts Warranty Details.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair Tips

Troubleshoot your Sub Zero appliance with these tips

Sub-Zero appliances, while sophisticated, require periodic care to ensure they perform at their peak. To help our esteemed clientele, we’ve compiled a few FAQs to guide you:

Several factors could contribute to this, including dirty condenser coils or a malfunctioning compressor. Regular maintenance and checks can help avoid such issues. If you encounter this problem, consider reaching out to a “Sub-Zero appliance repair near me” for expert assistance.

If your Sub-Zero freezer is forming ice, it could be due to various factors such as leaving the door ajar, obstructions blocking the door, damaged door gaskets, broken freezer basket retainers, a dirty condenser, incorrect setpoint temperatures, or a frozen drain tube. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Verify the freezer’s temperature: For electronic panels, it should be 0°F. For dials, it should be set between 4 and 6.
  2. Check the door: Ensure it wasn’t left open for an extended time. Some fogging is normal in warm climates but should resolve if the door is kept closed.
  3. Remove obstructions: Make sure nothing is blocking the door from closing, including misaligned drawers.
  4. Inspect door gaskets: Ensure they are free from damage.
  5. Clean the condenser: Do this if you haven’t in the last three months.

If the issue persists despite trying these steps, expert service may be necessary.

Inadequate water flow or a clogged filter could be the culprit. Check if the water supply is consistent and consider changing the filter. If the issue remains unresolved, consult a specialist in Sub-Zero appliance repair in New Orleans.

Sub-Zero recommends cleaning your refrigerator condenser coils every 3-6 months. This is the only general maintenance recommended by Sub-Zero.

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