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3 Easy Steps to a Clean Refrigerator



Winter is right around the corner, and we all know the start of a new season means it’s time to start over, clean and get organized!

If your kitchen is anything like everyone else, it’s the most frequently occupied room in the home (the refrigerator in particular). Especially if you live in a house full of boys, odds are that your refrigerator will suffer more spills and old food than you’d like to admit.

We’ve all found something in our fridge’s at some point and could not remember when it was from or why it had now taken the form of a foreign object.

Admittedly it is not fun for any of us, but cleaning our refrigerators is just something that has to be done, and when that time comes – here are some easy steps to make it as quick and painless as possible!

1. Start by completely emptying the unit, Clear all drawers and shelves. Take a household cleaner and give the whole inside a good wipe down, using paper towels or a fresh kitchen sponge. For stickier spills or stains soaking the shelf in a sink of warm water should do the trick.

2. Day to day we don’t keep track of which foods in the fridge are passing their expiration date, so go through everything while cleaning (Spoiled milk, molding fruits, last weekend’s go-plate, wilting veggies). These are all the main culprits of the bad smell’s that ring the cleaning alarm.

3. When restocking the shelves remove all of the boxes and unnecessary brand containers. The boxes from your pack of yogurts, or that hold your child’s juice drinks for the week. By doing this you’ll create more space, for better organization which in turn will reduce your chance of spills happening, and less fumbling around trying to find an ingredient while cooking dinner after a busy day’s work.

You may also if the desired look into shelf liners to reduce the clean up when spills do happen. We hope these tips will help you get the busiest unit in your home cleaner than ever this holiday season!

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