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how to organize a french door refrigerator

5 French Door Refrigerator Organization Ideas



While French door refrigerators are known for their increased capacity, this extra space can get crowded, making essentials hard to find. What are some French door refrigerator organization ideas that keep foods easily accessible? Using bins and dividers on refrigerator shelves and in drawers can help organize and separate these larger spaces. Our refrigerator ideas and tips detail how to organize a French door refrigerator to better use and customize its size.

Makeover Your Fridge With These French Door Refrigerator Organization Ideas

French door refrigerator organization ideas can benefit every brand from high-end refrigerators to the most basic model. Using simple organizing supplies from bins to recycled egg cartons, these tips discuss how to better use the space you have. But, first, knowing how to manage refrigerator storage starts with a thorough cleaning.

Clean Your Refrigerator First

The best way to assess your refrigerator space is to remove every item, purging those that are unused or expired. Take advantage of an empty fridge by giving it a complete cleaning before you start organizing.

Here’s how to clean your refrigerator’s interior quickly and easily:

  1. Remove shelves and bins: These storage systems easily slide out of most French door refrigerators.
  2. Wipe down interior: Use a clean, microfiber cloth and a mild, unscented cleanser. To eliminate odor, create a cleaning solution of 2 tablespoons baking soda with 1-quart hot water.
  3. Clean shelves and bins: Soak or wipe down shelves and bins with the same cleanser or baking soda solution.
  4. Rinse: Use a separate cloth soaked in clean water for the interior and rinse bins and shelves under warm, running water.
  5. Dry and replace: Dry the interior and each shelf and bin thoroughly with a clean towel and replace removed items. 

french door refrigerator organization ideas

Use Adjustable Refrigerator Shelves

The multiple shelves in many French door interiors can make it difficult to store tall bottles and containers. Adjust your shelf space by reconfiguring existing shelves to accommodate tall items. One of the easiest French door refrigerator organization ideas is to remove a shelf on one side, zoning it for taller containers. Add extra shelves to the other side of the refrigerator to better organize smaller items.

Protect From Spills With Shelf Liners

Want to protect your shelves from messy spills and avoid a time-consuming cleanup? Use shelf liners to guard against spills, splashes, and dirt. These plastic liners make for one of the easiest refrigerator organization hacks, resting right on top of the shelving. Cut to accommodate any size shelf and wipe down with a damp cloth when spills occur, making cleanup a breeze. 

For easy installation, be sure to position your liners before replacing all your food items.

refrigerator organization hacks
Image from My Frugal Home

Try Adding Storage Bins and Dividers

Storage bins and dividers are among the most useful French door refrigerator organization ideas. They allow you to better utilize this design’s deep drawers and shelves.

Follow these tips on how to use bins and dividers to organize French door shelves and drawers:

  • Place refrigerator storage containers for vegetables front and center so they’re seen and used.
  • Clip-on small, pull-out storage bins to shelving to organize individual items. Perfect for kid snacks or cut fruit, label each bin so items are easy to find.
  • Use plastic dividers to split up refrigerator drawers, creating organized compartments for fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses.

How to Use Refrigerator Door Bins

Making full use of this configuration means you need to know how to organize French door refrigerator door bins properly. Door shelves and bins are actually the warmest spots in the refrigerator, necessitating that easily-spoiled items be stored elsewhere. However, refrigerator storage ideas for door space can be helpful in organizing condiments, eggs, and beverages.

Here’s how to organize refrigerator door space more effectively:

  • Place half of an empty egg carton on door shelves to better secure condiment bottles.
  • Keep kid beverages on a lower door shelf for easier access.
  • Reconfigure shelves to create storage “zones” for particular items. Remove shelves on one door to accommodate taller bottles and add them to the other door to house small containers.

Whether you need a refrigerator repair service or French door refrigerator organization ideas, the team at Solar Refrigeration and Appliance Service can help. Call us for all your kitchen appliance needs!

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