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never put in a washer

8 Things You Shouldn’t Put in the Washing Machine



Today’s modern washers offer a variety of settings for almost every type of clothing. However, there are some things that should simply never see the inside of a washing machine, regardless of the cycle setting. From coins to swimsuits, we’ll list 8 things you shouldn’t put in the washing machine to avoid laundry day disasters.

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Put in the Washing Machine…

While some items may never survive a spin cycle, others can actually do harm to your washer. Here’s what you shouldn’t put in the washing machine to save both your clothing and your machine.

#1. Coins

Sometimes the smallest objects can be responsible for how to ruin a washing machine. Though most coins get washed by accident, they’re capable of causing irreversible damage to the drain pump. Before washing, always check your clothing pockets and remove any loose change.

shouldn't put in the washing machine

#2. Flammable Stains

Clothes that are soaked in cooking oil, gasoline, or alcohol are more safely washed by hand. When large, flammable stains are combined with the washer’s environment, it’s possible that a fire can occur. Instead, use a solvent-based cleaner to spot clean these stains before hand-washing.

#3. Keys

Wondering what can break a washing machine? Keys are another small item that can wreak extensive damage if left in clothing pockets. Aside from scratching the washer drum, they can also clog valves and filters and cause leaks. Meanwhile, keys for electric vehicles and remotes for keyless entry vehicles could be damaged by detergent and water. It’s always best to check pockets for these items before washing.

what not to put in washing machine

#4. Suits

Because of their delicate fabric, suits are on our list of what not to put in a washing machine. Most suits will shrink or tear in the washer, even on a delicate setting, making them dry-clean only. In a pinch, a steamer can safely de-wrinkle a suit in between trips to the dry cleaner.

#5. Embellished Clothing

Garments with sewn-on decorations like beads or sequins are items you shouldn’t put in the washing machine. These details can easily fall off during rinse and spin cycles or become damaged when exposed to hot water. Hand-washing is recommended to keep these delicate embellishments looking their best.

how to ruin a washing machine

#6. Swimsuits

Swimsuits are one of those items you should never put in a washer. The material of most suits will lose its elasticity with repeated washings, affecting the fit and appearance. To preserve the life of your swimsuit, stick to handwashing and air drying.

#7. Clothes With Excessive Pet Hair

As powerful as some washers may be, pet hair has a way of clumping in water and coating the washer drum. These clumps can even clog the filter, drain hose and drain pump, resulting in messy leaks and repairs. Think adding more detergent will wash the hair away? Using too much detergent won’t help and can actually cause bigger leaks and other problems.

Before washing clothes with excessive pet hair, use a lint roller to remove as much hair as possible. We also suggest wiping down the washer drum and running a rinse cycle to remove any lingering hair.

what can break a washing machine

#8. Sneakers with Leather Components

While some sneakers can come out of the washer looking like new, those with leather accents won’t fare as well. Because leather is prone to peeling in the washer, sneakers with leather components are things you shouldn’t put in the washing machine. Instead, stick to spot cleaning with a toothbrush, water, and dish soap to remove dirt and stains.

Did one of these items slip through the cracks and damage your machine? Solar Appliance service can help. Call us for an expert washing machine repair.

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