Cleaning the refrigerator/freezer gaskets every 6 months,
will Help keep door gaskets from ripping and Help avoid $$$$costly$$$$ repairs.

1. Fill bucket ½ way up with tap water and ¼ cup mild soap.
2. Dip an old clean toothbrush into the mild soap solution and proceed to clean all around the crevices of the gaskets.
3. Follow-up Step 2. by cleaning the gasket and surrounding areas with a clean & soft towel/rag dampened with the same solution.
4. Make certain to clean the edges of the fridge openings with the damp towel/rag and solution from above. This clean surface creates a secured seal when the door is closed to keep food cold/frozen.
5. Finish the cleaning by rinsing off with plain tap water. Filling a spray bottle with tap water is helpful with this step. This is also a great solution to clean the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator/freezer.
6. Dry the gasket and surrounding areas with clean soft towel/rag.
7. To Help reduce dry-rotting, keep the gasket lubricated. It is suggested to apply a light/thin coating of petroleum jelly on a paper towel to the inside of the gasket that faces the door.