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how to prevent dryer static

How to Eliminate Dryer Static On Clothes



Dryer static on clothes is one of the most annoying parts of doing laundry. It might seem like an unavoidable problem, but we have good news! There are some simple steps you can take to keep your laundry from becoming overly clingy or giving you static shocks.

Staying Grounded: A Guide to Eliminating Dryer Static On Clothes

Are you wondering, “Why are my clothes full of static?” Before we can get into how to get rid of dryer static, we need to understand what causes dryer static on clothes. This way we understand why each method of prevention works. The more you know about how your dryer works, the easier time you will have when something goes wrong. Knowing common dryer maintenance tips like these is a great place to start.

What Causes Static in Clothes?

What causes static in clothes is simple physics. Tumble dryers move all of your clothes around, which bump into each other as they fall. The repeated friction, much like rubbing socks on a carpet, results in the transfer of electrons between material, charging them with either positive or negative values. Like a magnet, these opposites attract, creating static electricity. This effect is enhanced with synthetic clothing material, or cold, dry air.

Use Dryer Sheets to Reduce Static

The most common way people know how to prevent dryer static on clothes is with dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are sheets that are coated in a fabric softener full of positively charged electrons. These bond to the negatively charged ones and keep static from happening.

However, this coating can stick to your dryer and can be bad for the environment as well. Those looking to know how to reduce static on clothes without dryer sheets can find some solid, eco-friendly dryer sheet alternatives in many different places.

Use Anti-Static Dryer Balls

One good method on how to reduce static in the dryer is through the use of dryer balls. Static clothes dryer balls come in several varieties, but are usually aluminum or wool. The wool ones get rid of dryer static on clothes by absorbing moisture in the dryer, making it more difficult for static to form. The aluminum balls work the same way, but with electricity.

dryer static on clothes

Rinse with Vinegar

Fabric softeners in the rinse cycle of your washer is another good way to reduce static. We’d recommend using white vinegar, as this natural, nonharmful fabric softener is cheap and readily available. If you like, you can also spray some white vinegar onto a small cloth, like a sock or washcloth, and add it to the dryer load to reduce static.

Separate Clothes by Material

As synthetic materials are more apt to hold on to electric charges, they can cause your whole laundry to generate more static. If you separate your clothing by material, you will reduce the overall instances of dryer static on clothes.

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