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How to Claim Your $50 Energy Star Refrigerator Rebate



Does it seem like your refrigerator is always costing you money? Whether it’s the price of purchasing a new model or the cost of keeping it running, it can become a significant expense. The good news is that you can save some of your hard-earned money by claiming your $50 Energy Star refrigerator rebate!

Details of the Energy Star Refrigerator Rebate

Going green doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. I fact, it can help save you money in more ways than one! We’ll show you how an Energy Star-rated refrigerator can reduce your utility bills and qualify you for a $50 energy-efficient appliance rebate.

How Much Energy Do Refrigerators Use?

As you can imagine, refrigerators are one of the most costly appliances to keep running in terms of energy consumption. The only appliance in your home that uses more energy would be your clothes dryer. Unless you have a very large family though, your dryer most likely isn’t running all the time.

Not all refrigerators use the same amount of energy though. Size is one factor to consider, as well as the energy consumption rating or kilowatt-hour (kWH), whether your model has an ice maker, and more. All told, the average refrigerator will cost several hundred dollars per year to operate.

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What Does Energy Star Mean?

Energy Star is a government-backed program used to certify energy-efficient electronic devices and machines. Its purpose is to help lower greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of the environment, and eliminate wasted energy.

The Energy Star logo also helps consumers identify products that will save them money without losing any performance or features compared to other models. The EPA tests all new electronic products to determine which will qualify for the Energy Star badge.

How Much Can You Save with an Energy Star Refrigerator?

The size, age, and configuration of your current refrigerator will help to determine how much you can save with an Energy Star-rated model. Where you live will also factor into your savings as energy costs vary from state to state.

Luckily, Energy Star has gone so far as to create a refrigerator energy savings calculator for your convenience. Find out now how much an energy-efficient refrigerator can save you!

rebate for energy efficient refrigerator

How to Claim Your Energy Star Refrigerator Rebate

Once you purchase a qualified Energy Star refrigerator model, you’re eligible to receive your $50 rebate. All you need to do is fill out and submit the Energy Star Refrigerator Rebate Form and mail it in along with a dated sales receipt. Use the button below to download the rebate form, then enjoy the savings provided by your Energy Star refrigerator!

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