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how to get sand out of a washing machine

How to Get Sand Out of a Washing Machine



If you’ve ever gone to the beach, you know that getting sand in your clothes is inevitable. But what happens when that sand gets into your washing machine? Does it just get cleaned away with the rest of your laundry, or does it cause damage that can’t be repaired? We’ll discuss what happens to your washer when you get sand in it and how to get sand out of a washing machine!

What Happens If You Get Sand in Your Washing Machine?

When sand enters your washing machine, it can cause a lot of problems. The first thing that happens is that the sand will collect in the lint filter. This can block the flow of water and cause your washing machine to overheat.

Additionally, the sand will grind against the sides of your washing machine, causing wear and tear. Over time, this can damage the washer’s seals and bearings, leading to a costly repair bill. So it’s important to get it out as soon as possible!

Here’s How to Get Sand Out of Washing Machine Tubs

Your best bet is to avoid getting sand in your washing machine in the first place. The first step is to remove as much sand from your clothes as possible. The best way to do this is to shake them out or brush them off.

You can also try using a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to suck up any remaining sand. But if you’re reading this, it’s likely that your machine is already full of sand, so on to step two.

Wash with Vinegar or Baking Soda

Fill your washing machine with hot water and add either vinegar or baking soda. Let the cycle run for a few minutes before draining the water. This will help to remove any sand that’s still stuck in your machine.

Repeat this process a few times until all the sand is gone from inside your washing machine. Then, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the washer drum.

Clean Out the Filter

You can do this by removing the filter and using a vacuum attachment to remove any excess sand not caught in the filter. Once it’s clean, you’ll need to flush out the rest of the sand from your washing machine.

What Happens if You Get Sand in Your Washing Machine

Remove Sand with a Shop Vac

If you have a wet/dry shop vac, you can use it to remove sand from your washing machine. Attach the hose to the vacuum and turn it on. Put the vacuum hose over the drain hole of your washer and let it run for a few minutes. This will suction up all the sand that’s left in your machine.

Wipe Out Sand with a Wet Paper Towel

Once the washing cycle is finished, there may still be some sand left in your machine. Wipe it out with a wet paper towel to remove any remaining sand.

As you can see, it’s not so hard learning how to get sand out of a washing machine! By following these simple steps, you can keep your washer running smoothly for years to come. And if your washer is already having issues, due to sand or any kind of problem, you can always contact the expert technicians at Solar Appliance to help you out!

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