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Your Appliance Repair Specialists Since 1974.

how to move appliances without damaging floors

How to Move Appliances Safely and Prevent Damage



Moving from one home to another is stressful, and packing and relocating large items like appliances takes extra care and consideration. Are there tips for moving appliances safely? Being prepared with the right equipment, like dollies and furniture straps, is essential. Preparing your appliances by cleaning the exteriors and taping the doors shut is also key. Our home appliance repair experts detail how to move large appliances safely for continued use in your new home. 

Make Moving Day Easier: How to Move Large Appliances

Knowing how to move large appliances is all about laying the right groundwork to make the job as simple as possible. We’ll discuss how to move large appliances like refrigerators and washers by preparing them and your home with the right tools and methods. 

Get Appliance Moving Equipment

The right equipment is essential to both your safety and the safety of your appliances when moving an appliance. Make sure you have the right equipment to avoid injury or harm to your appliances. Our New Orleans appliance repair techs use appliance glides, Airsleds, and dollys to move heavy appliances.

Here’s the appliance moving equipment you’ll need:

  • Appliance Dolly: These wheeled platforms are essential for moving any large or heavy item. Load your appliance on to the dolly to wheel it to and from the moving truck without having to carry it.

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  • Appliance Glides: Sliding pads, or glides, are helpful for moving appliances on hardwood floors to avoid nicks and scratches. They should only be used for short distances when moving the appliance from its position to the dolly.

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  • Appliance Moving Straps: These straps secure your appliance to the dolly as well as inside the moving truck so they don’t tip over when in motion. They can also be used to safely lift and carry appliances short distances, reducing the risk of harm or injury.

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how to move large appliances
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Clean Your Floors Before Moving

Wondering how to move appliances without damaging floors? Cleaning the floor is a necessary step. Dirt and debris can easily damage tile or hardwood when rolled over by a heavy dolly. Take the time to sweep, mop or vacuum both the floors in your old home and your new one before relocating your appliance.

How to Prepare Appliances for Moving

When considering how to move large appliances safely, there are tips specific to each appliance that protect its features and functions.

Follow these appliance-specific tips to ensure they’re properly prepared before moving:

  • Refrigerators: Unplug the refrigerator and remove all food, making sure the interior and exterior are clean and dry and doors are taped shut. One of the most important refrigerator moving tips is to keep it upright during the move. Laying the refrigerator on its side can damage the compressor or cause its oil to leak. If on its side for more than 24 hours, allow the refrigerator to stand upright before restoring power. This lets the compressor oil flow back into position.
  • Oven/Range: Disconnect the power and remove all grates and racks. Clean the exterior and secure knobs and doors with tape.
  • Dishwasher: Unplug and disconnect all hoses, taping them to the unit. Allow the dishwasher to air out for 24 hours to remove all moisture. Secure racks and door with moving tape.
  • Washer: Disconnect the power and hoses, securing them to the washer. Leave the door open for 24 hours to remove any interior moisture before taping it shut.
  • Dryer: Turn off the power, remove lint from the lint screen, and clean the exterior. Make sure the door is taped closed.

Get Assistance When Moving Appliances

Want to know how to move large appliances safely? Never do it alone. Whether you hire professional movers or enlist friends and family, help is essential to maintain safety. Use more than one pair of hands to distribute the weight of appliances evenly and step in when you’re tired.

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