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how to make clothes look new again

How to Restore Faded Clothes and Prevent Clothes from Fading



Are you noticing more and more faded clothes in your laundry cycles? Unfortunately, it seems like this is just a side effect of keeping your laundry clean, but is it really? Lucky for you, your favorite washer repair service has all of the details for how to restore faded clothes.

Here’s How to Restore Faded Clothes

There are some things you can do for protecting your clothing and prevent it from fading. If your clothes have already faded, there are also some tips for how to make clothes look new again and we’ve got all of the details here for you.

Maybe you use too much detergent or there truly is something going on with your washer. Whatever the case, check out these tips on how to keep laundry from fading and more.

What Causes Fading in Clothes?

Maybe what you should really be asking is does the dryer fade clothes? Your laundry fading might actually be the fault of the dryer. If your washer needs cleaned, you can look there as well. Some people never realize a washer should be cleaned so be sure to check out how to keep your washer clean. Use the right cycles for your clothes and follow the steps detailed here for how to restore faded clothes.

how to restore faded clothes

How to Make Clothes Look New Again

Your fading clothes are not hopeless. There are some things you can try. When it comes to how to brighten colored colors or how to restore faded clothes, give these DIY solutions a try.

  • You can use salt to brighten clothing. Your clothes might be faded because of the detergent leaving behind residue that you can’t see. Try adding about ½ a cup of salt to your washer before you put your clothes in there. Then dump in the clothes and run your washing machine without detergent.
  • If your whites need refreshing, you can use baking soda or peroxide to make them white again. Measure out either ½ cup of baking soda or 1 cup of peroxide. Toss whichever of these you choose in with white laundry and add detergent as normal for your wash cycle.
  • One more method for how to brighten colored clothes is to use vinegar to help remove detergent residue that causes fading. If you have a top-load washer, just put ½ cup of vinegar in the drum before adding your clothes. For front-load washers, you can put the vinegar in your softener dispenser space.
how to keep laundry from fading
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Tips to Prevent Clothes from Fading

Be proactive in your washing processes so that you don’t have to learn how to restore faded clothes and maybe you can just prevent the fade in the first place. Learn the best laundry soap to keep colors from fading and check out these simple tips as well.

  1. Always follow the instructions on your tags. Those instructions are there for a reason!
  2. Try separating your laundry into color groups. Wash your whites, your darks, and your colors in separate loads.
  3. Turn your clothes inside out to reduce the likelihood of detergent residue fading the colors and reduce the harshness of the wash cycle to the exterior of your clothing.
  4. Wash your colored items in cold water rather than hot or warm.
  5. Avoid using the dryer when possible and air dry your clothes instead
  6. Use fabric softener or a fabric conditioner to enhance colors and prevent fading

We hope these tips on how to restore faded clothes are helpful for you and can solve all of your laundry fading problems in a hurry!

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