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how to silence a noisy refrigerator

Refrigerator Noise Troubleshooting: How to Silence a Noisy Refrigerator



Is your refrigerator making a lot of noise? Believe it or not, this is one of the most common complaints that people have about their refrigerators. If your fridge is noisy, there are a few things that you can do to try to fix the problem! Let us show you some of the best ways how to silence a noisy refrigerator!

Here’s How to Silence a Noisy Refrigerator

Some surprisingly simple problems can cause refrigerators to make a lot of noise. Let’s go through them and see if we can solve how to silence a noisy refrigerator!

why is my refrigerator so loud

Items Vibrating Inside

One of the most common causes of refrigerator noise is items vibrating inside the fridge. This can be caused by several things, including loose shelves, unbalanced items on shelves, or even the fridge itself being unlevel. Check the items inside your fridge and make sure they’re not loose or unbalanced. If they are, try to rearrange them so that they’re more stable.

Finally, check the shelves themselves and see if they’re loose. If they are, you may need to replace them. Organizing your fridge can help you figure out if loose items are the problem! Check out our refrigerator cleaning and organization tips to get your fridge organized!

Refrigerator Not Sitting Level

If your refrigerator is not sitting level, it can cause the fridge to vibrate and make noise. To fix this, you’ll need to adjust the leveling feet on your fridge until it’s level. Once you’ve done that, check to see if the noise has stopped. If it hasn’t, there may be another issue causing the noise.

Refrigerator Noise Troubleshooting
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Dirty or Obstructed Fan Blades

Another common cause of refrigerator noise is dirty or obstructed fan blades. If the fan blades are dirty, they won’t be able to spin as freely and will make more noise. To clean the fan blades, you’ll need to remove them from the fridge and clean them with a cloth. If they’re obstructed, you’ll need to remove the obstruction and then put the fan blades back in place.

Drain Pan Rattling

The drain pan is located under the fridge and helps to collect water that drips from the fridge. Over time, the drain pan can become rusted or damaged, which can cause it to rattle. If you think this might be the issue, try to inspect the drain pan and see if it’s damaged. If it is, you’ll need to replace it.

Noisy Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve is located on the back of the fridge and supplies water to the ice maker. If the inlet valve is damaged or defective, it can make a lot of noise when the water pressure goes up. To fix this, you’ll need to replace the inlet valve.

These are a few of the most common causes of refrigerator noise, and hopefully, this blog post has helped you learn how to silence a noisy refrigerator! If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to call the professional refrigerator repair service team at Solar Appliance!

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