Good dishwasher use practices:

Have you ever had to wash the same load of dishes two or three times to get them clean? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there are several reasons why this continue to happen. Here are a few tips to ensure you’ll only be running the machine once to get the clear sparkling dishes you want to fill your cabinets with!

If you are using powder detergent in your unit always make sure you are using the proper amount for your machine to work at its optimum level. Too much detergent will leave the ugly cloudiness or white residue on your glasses and cook wear forcing you to either run the machine again without adding more detergent or having to, in turn, bring the dishes to the sink to rinse while using too little will not sufficiently clean the dishes. As we all know, especially in Louisiana, whether your home is supplied with soft or hard water all depends on where you live. Finding out what type of water your machine is using is essential in being confident that you are using the right amount of detergent.

Always give anything you are putting in the unit, a good pre-rinse before starting a cycle. Whether it be pots and pans used for cooking, the residue dried inside a glass of wine, or leftover food stuck to the silver wear, they all need to go into the unit clean. The dishwashers’ job is to sanitize what is inside and cannot get rid of caked up food or hard stains.

Clean the drain. Sometimes we are in a rush and simply don’t have time to ensure all dishes were wiped down and rinsed before entering the wash cycle. Many times food particles will get stuck inside the drain line and they will stink our kitchen up in no time. Always turn on your garbage disposal (with the water on) after running a load of dishes. This will help break down and get rid of any food that might have been missed.

When filling the dishwasher makes sure that the items inside are not getting in the way of the spray arms used to dispense water in the inside of the unit during the wash cycles. Any tall pans or cooking utensils will obstruct the path on the arms not allowing all items inside to adequately receive the amount of pressure needed to make sure that your dishes come out clean every time.

Clean the inside of the unit. Right after a cycle is complete, is the perfect time to give the inside of the unit a good wipe down with the steam from the wash still covering the walls of the unit. Also never leave the door of the unit shut as the sitting water can cause an undesirable smell and your plastic wear will never dry. Take a kitchen towel folded in half and drape it over the slightly opened door to make sure good air flow from outside is getting into the unit.