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Miele Washer Making Loud Noise

How to Troubleshoot a Miele Washer Making Loud Noise



We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying a quiet moment at home when suddenly, your washer making loud noise interrupts the peace. It’s not only frustrating but also worrisome, as you start to question the efficiency of your washing machine. That’s why we’re here to show you the common reasons why you have a Miele washer making loud noise.

Identifying the Cause of a Miele Washer Making Loud Noise

This friendly and comprehensive guide is here to help you get to the bottom of the noise issue, offering practical troubleshooting tips to resolve the problem. With our guidance, you’ll soon restore your Miele washer to its optimal performance, ensuring that laundry day remains a calm and efficient experience.

Loose Items Tumbling in the Washer

Loose objects inside the washer drum, such as coins, buttons, or even small pieces of clothing, can cause a rattling or banging noise during the spin cycle.

Solution: It’s important to stop the washer and remove any loose items from the drum. Regularly checking pockets before loading clothes into the machine can also prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Unbalanced Load

One common reason for loud noises from a Miele washer is an unbalanced load. If clothes are unevenly distributed inside the drum, you may find your Miele washing machine shakes violently. If you’re washing items like shoes or blankets this is more likely to happen. You’ll also want to make sure it’s not overloaded as this can cause this problem.

To fix this issue: Pause the cycle and open the washer door. Redistribute the clothes evenly inside the drum. Close the door and resume the cycle. Ensure that you don’t overload the washer, as this can also contribute to an unbalanced load. If you have heavier items like shoes, make sure to add towels or something similar to help distribute the weight.

Loose or Worn Drive Belt

A loose or worn drive belt may also cause squeaking noises from your Miele washer. Inspect the belt for signs of wear or damage, such as frayed edges or cracks. If necessary, consult a professional to replace the belt to ensure optimal performance and prevent a Miele washing machine spin noise. If your washer is leaving clothes wet there’s a good chance your washer is not spinning because of a belt issue.

miele washing machine spin noise

Worn Drum Bearings

Worn drum bearings can result in your Miele washer making loud noise as the drum rotates. This issue typically requires professional attention. A trained technician can assess the situation and replace the bearings if needed, restoring your washer’s smooth operation.

Damaged or Obstructed Drain Pump

A damaged or obstructed drain pump can cause loud buzzing sounds or squealing noises from a washer during the drain cycle. The pump filter is meant to be cleaned regularly and if not it can get clogged.

To troubleshoot this issue: Disconnect the washer from the power source. Check the pump filter for debris and clean it if necessary. Inspect the drain hose for obstructions and clear them if needed. If the noise persists, contact a professional to inspect the pump for damage or malfunction.

miele washing machine shakes violently

How to Maintain Your Miele Washer

To prevent future issues we’d recommend periodically cleaning the detergent drawer, inspecting the door seal for damage, and checking the washer’s feet for stability. We’d also recommend making sure to clean the filter regularly.

Next, make sure you’re using the right amount and type of detergent and additives since this can also prevent issues with your Miele washer. Excessive suds can cause the washer to work harder, potentially leading to increased noise.

Seeking Professional Help

If you’ve tried troubleshooting the noise issue and are still experiencing problems, it may be time to seek professional help. Contacting a professional washing machine repair team like Solar Appliance is the best course of action to make sure your washer is correctly diagnosed and repaired. Trying to fix complicated issues on your own may void the warranty or cause additional damage to the appliance!

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