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Your Appliance Repair Specialists Since 1974.

Never Leave an Appliance on Unattended



Yesterday I was reminded that being in the appliance service field does not make me exempt from having an appliance catastrophe. I had seen a dried, rather large puddle on the floor in front of our washer several days ago. I mentioned it to my husband and he said he thought maybe the rubber gasket on the washer door had not made a good seal on the previous wash cycle, so he cleaned the gasket on the washer door, which by the way, is a front loader, and all was good – or so we thought. Note to self-never assume anything & be suspicious if you see water on the floor.

Be very suspicious.

Well back to yesterday; we put a load of wash on and were busy around the house tidying up. I heard my husband talking to himself and not in a happy way. He had discovered water on the floor in the room behind the washer. He went to get a mop and as I stood there looking at the drip from the pipe, water began gushing from the pipe as the washer went into the drain cycle. Water was everywhere and we rushed to turn the washer off in the other room. And that my friends is why we always say “never leave your home while your appliance is on”.

Long story short, there was nothing wrong with the washer. The problem was a backed up sewer drain that had to be cleaned out. Goes to show that sometimes when we are sure it’s the appliance’s fault many times it’s caused by something else.

This could’ve been a bigger disaster. We could’ve left the house while the washer was on and come back to several inches of water on the floor. Never leave an appliance on unattended and assume that it will be fine. We get complacent, and we expect that because it hasn’t happened before it won’t. However, It happens every day. Don’t let it happen to you.

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