The best time to clean your oven is when the unit is in cool down mode.

1.    Clean spills in your oven immediately after meals have completely cooked.  Remove the cooking racks carefully with oven mitts.  Using a mild detergent and water, clean the bottom and doors of the oven while unit is in cool down. Rinse with plain water in a spray bottle and a clean/soft towel.  Food spills and debris will safely and easily be removed without damages to the bottom of the ovens’ surface.

2.    Place a cookie sheet under the pan or on the shelf under the food being cooked, this will catch spills.  This will help avoid timely cleaning of “cooked-on” foods at the bottom of the oven.

3.    Do Not place aluminum foil on the bottom cavity of the oven.  This will cause un-repairable damage to the surface and it also blocks heat from properly cooking foods.

4.    Use the “self-cleaning” feature of the oven ONCE per calendar year.  Using this feature too often could affect the function of the oven.