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Washing Machine Settings Explained: How to Use Washer Cycles



Doing laundry might seem like a simple task, but with the plethora of advanced washing machine settings available today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Have you ever pondered questions like, “What setting should I use on my washing machine?” or “What exactly do the different laundry settings mean?” Well, you’re in luck! This guide is tailored to explain the ins and outs of washing machine settings and cycle options, ensuring you always choose the best washing machine settings for your garments.

The Definitive Guide to Washing Machine Settings

Transitioning from the basic “turn the knob and press start” to actually understanding what each setting does can dramatically improve your laundry experience. Different settings serve distinct purposes, handle various fabric types, and manage differing levels of dirt or stains. So let’s roll up those sleeves and dig into each setting in detail.

Normal Cycle

The All-Rounder of Laundry

The Normal Cycle, also known as “Regular” or “Cotton,” is your versatile companion for day-to-day laundry. It features moderate to high agitation and a fast spin cycle.

How it Works: The machine agitates the clothes in a back-and-forth motion, enabling the detergent to penetrate the fabric effectively. The high spin speed removes most of the moisture, reducing drying time.

Usage: Ideal for sturdy fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester. It’s the go-to for daily wears like t-shirts, jeans, and bed linens.

Pro Tip: If your machine has a temperature setting, you can use warm water for enhanced cleaning or cold water for energy savings.

what do the different washing machine cycles mean


Handle with Care

The Delicate cycle is specially designed to treat your delicate items like babies. It uses low agitation and a slow spin speed.

How it Works: It moves your garments slowly through a low-level water solution, minimizing friction and stress on the fabric.

Usage: Best suited for lingerie, silk, lace, garments with beading or embellishments. Using a mesh laundry bag for these items offers an added layer of protection.

Pro Tip: Always opt for cold water to prevent any shrinkage and to keep colors vibrant.

Permanent Press

Wrinkle Be Gone!

The Permanent Press cycle is a godsend if you despise ironing. It uses varying agitation speeds and a cool-down rinse to minimize wrinkling.

How it Works: The cycle starts with a strong agitation but slows down during the rinse and spin cycle, concluding with a burst of cold water to prevent wrinkles.

Usage: Ideal for clothes made of synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, and various blends. Work clothes, school uniforms, and anything you’d rather not iron benefit from this setting.

Pro Tip: To make the most of the anti-wrinkle effect, promptly remove clothes once the cycle ends.

best cycle to wash clothes on

Quick Wash or Speed Wash

When Time is of the Essence

This setting is the laundry equivalent of a sprint. It cleans clothes in about half the time or less compared to other cycles.

How it Works: The machine uses high-speed agitation but cuts down on cycle time, skipping certain phases like the pre-soak.

Usage: Best for lightly soiled clothes that you need ASAP. Not the best option for heavily stained or soiled garments.

Pro Tip: If you have a ‘water level’ or ‘load size’ setting, reducing that can also speed up the cycle.


For Your Softest Items

The Wool cycle ensures your woolen items maintain their form and texture. It uses gentle agitation and a slow spin with cold water.

How it Works: The machine mimics hand-washing motions, thus providing a tender touch for your woolens.

Usage: Only to be used for woolen items. Make sure to turn garments inside out to prevent pilling.

Pro Tip: Always use a detergent that is specially formulated for wool for best results.

Deep Clean

For the Toughest Stains

If you’re dealing with stubborn stains or heavily soiled garments, Deep Clean is your best bet. It employs prolonged wash times and high temperatures.

How it Works: The machine prolongs the wash cycle and may also introduce additional soaking or extra rinses for a more rigorous clean.

Usage: Think muddy sports uniforms, wine stains, or baby clothes.

Pro Tip: Pre-treating stains before a Deep Clean can enhance the effectiveness of this cycle.

Heavy Duty

When You Mean Serious Business

This setting is the beast mode of your washing machine. It’s meant for tackling heavily soiled items and offers vigorous agitation and a long washing time.

How it Works: The cycle uses the highest level of agitation and often includes an extra rinse to fully remove dirt and detergent.

Usage: Perfect for work uniforms, large bedding items, or highly soiled children’s clothes.

Pro Tip: This cycle uses more water and energy, so save it for when it’s really necessary.

For those moments when even the most sophisticated washing machine settings won’t do, reach out to Solar Refrigeration and Appliance Service for expert washing machine repair services.

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