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whirlpool stove recall

Whirlpool Cooktop Recall: What You Need to Know



Whirlpool Corporation has issued a nationwide safety recall for glass cooktop models with touch control systems. The Whirlpool cooktop recall announcement was made on August 28, 2019, in response to reports of surface burners turning on by themselves. Follow our guide below on which models are affected under the recall, and how to avoid any potential dangers until the issue has been resolved.

Whirlpool Cooktop Recall Information

The manufacturer is still trying to determine what’s causing the defect, but a replacement program is already underway. We’ll help you find out whether your cooktop may be covered, and provide instructions of what to do in order to have your unit replaced.

What’s Causing the Recall?

The Whirlpool glass top stove recall was issued after the manufacturer received 133 reports of models with touch controls turning on without being touched. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, only a handful of minor injuries and property damage have been reported, but nothing too serious thus far.

Still, Whirlpool is taking the issues very seriously. All necessary steps are being taken to swap out the potentially defective units. A hot surface element can cause burns to unsuspecting users, as well as obvious fire hazards. Until you’re sure that your unit is safe to use, turn off the power at the circuit breaker and remove any items near the cooktop surface.

whirlpool cooktop recall
Image from Hip2Save

Is My Cooktop Model Affected?

The majority of the models covered by the Whirlpool cooktop recall were sold through major retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and Best Buy, but also through smaller home improvement and online outlets. Most of the recalled cooktops were produced with the Whirlpool brand name. Some were also sold under the JennAir and KitchenAid brand names though.

These defective glass cooktop models were sold between March 2017 – August 2019. About 26,300 of these units were sold throughout the country, but another 3,000 or so were also sold in Canada and Mexico.

Model Numbers Under Recall

Need to determine whether your model is covered under the Whirlpool stove recall? Start by locating the model number. It should be found printed on the bottom of the cooktop. Once you’ve found it, check our list of affected model numbers below to see if your’s begins with:

  • WCE97US0HS
  • WCE97US6HS
  • WCE97US0HB
  • WCE97US6HB
  • KCES950HSS
  • KCES956HSS
  • KCES950HBL
  • KCES956HBL
  • JEC4430HS
  • JEC4536HS
  • JEC4424HB
  • JEC4430HB
  • JEC4536HB
  • JED4430GB
  • JED4430GS
  • JED4536GB
  • JED4536GS
whirlpool cooktop turns on by itself
Image from JennAir

How Do I Report My Recalled Cooktop?

If your cooktop’s model number was listed above, you need to contact the manufacturer right away. You can submit your request to Whirlpool by phone at 888-900-7897 between 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Monday through Friday. They’ve also provided a convenient way to submit your cooktop recall online if you prefer.

If the manufacturer confirms that your unit is covered, they’ll send out a replacement specialist to install a brand new unit for free. Recalls are thankfully a rare occurrence, and Whirlpool is doing all they can to fix the problem and keep their customers safe.

And if you find yourself in need of quality cooktop repair service, be sure to choose the Whirlpool Factory Certified Care specialists at Solar Appliance Service!

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