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high end refrigerator reviews

Who Makes the Best High End Refrigerators?



With a high upfront cost and an expectation of reliability, a refrigerator is a serious purchase that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, repairing a broken refrigerator is almost always more cost-effective than replacing it. When the time does come for a replacement though, your choice of refrigerator is a significant decision. If your budget and kitchen design allow it, purchasing a high end brand has its advantages. We’ll discuss who makes the best high end refrigerator and which features to look for when choosing a luxury brand.

A Comparative Guide to Who Makes the Best High End Refrigerator

Are high end refrigerators worth it? These beautiful appliances offer a sleek design and professional appearance that can complement any space. But deciding who makes the best high end refrigerator shouldn’t be based on appearance alone, but rather cold, hard facts. We’ll compare the benefits of the biggest brand names and discuss the features to look for when making this investment.

What to Look for in a Luxury Refrigerator

High end refrigerators can have numerous bells and whistles, but should also offer superior performance and exceptional durability first and foremost. Here’s a list of high end refrigerator features that can make this purchase worthwhile for years to come:

  • Dual compressors: individual compressors for the refrigerator and freezer prevent odor infiltration and provide greater temperature control
  • Tight drawer and door seals: prevents cold air from escaping and warm air from entering
  • Drawers with individual temperature controls and filters: specific controls can be tailored to keep particular foods fresher, longer
  • Superior water and ice: advanced filtration systems and readily available ice easily address entertaining and daily life needs
  • Smart capabilities: using your phone to adjust temperatures, take inventory and alert you to changes provides the utmost in convenience and technology

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

A true pioneer in the field of refrigeration, this family-owned, American brand invented dual compressor technology. Today, Sub-Zero offers superior water filtration capabilities and an air scrubber system, removing ethylene gas from produce to keep it fresher, longer. While you may pay a premium price for a Sub-Zero, they’re still considered one of the best luxury refrigerator brands.

Brand Features & Benefits:

  • Dual compressor system
  • Superior door and drawer seals
  • Air scrubber purification system
  • American owned and operated
  • Integrated, counter-depth and panel-ready design options
  • Two-year full warranty
best luxury refrigerator
Image: Sub-Zero


Thermador Refrigerators

Thermador is owned by the BSH corporation, the largest appliance manufacturer in Europe. Its commitment to high-end design includes its exclusive hinge system that allows for a seamlessly flush integration with cabinetry. But Thermador refrigerators are more than just a pretty face. With a dual compressor system and a commitment to technology with push-to-open doors and smart capabilities, it offers cutting-edge modernization and quality.

Brand Features & Benefits:

  • Dual compressor system 
  • Soft-close drawers
  • Push-to-open doors provide seamless cabinetry integration with no protruding handle
  • Superior temperature regulation via electronic controls
  • Competitive pricing and package options compared to other high-end brands
who makes the best high end refrigerator
Image: Thermador USA


Viking Refrigerators

A list of who makes the best high end refrigerator would be incomplete without Viking. Considering themselves as a “culinary company,” they’re committed to enhancing the food experience from the refrigerator to the table. They bring the same quality commitment to their line of refrigerators, offering high-level water filtration, air purification, and temperature control. Peripheral amenities like a generous warranty and top-notch customer service complement the brand’s luxury features.

Brand Features & Benefits:

  • Superior electronic temperature control within 1 degree
  • Ample drawer space, with two high humidity crispers and a cold zone drawer
  • Ion Air Purifier to eliminate mold and bacteria
  • American owned and operated
  • Generous 3-year full warranty
are high end refrigerators worth it
Image: Viking Range


When it comes to who makes the best high end refrigerator, New Orlean’s high end refrigerator repair service offers unparalleled expertise. Call us with any questions or to schedule fast and professional service.

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