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wolf oven not getting hot enough

5 Ways to Fix a Wolf Oven Not Heating Properly



While Wolf produces some of the best high end ovens, they can fall victim to the heating issues common to all brands. Why won’t my Wolf oven heat up? Make sure it’s sufficiently preheated before cooking. Allowing the oven time to heat up ensures that it reaches the set temperature. We’ll review the 5 most common reasons for a Wolf oven not heating properly for fast and effective troubleshooting.

Why Is My Wolf Oven Not Heating Up As It Should?

Though outside issues and user errors are often responsible for a Wolf oven not heating properly, malfunctions can also occur. Here’s how to determine the source of heating problems, as well as the right solutions.

No Power to Oven

Wolf oven troubleshooting should begin with a power assessment to determine if your oven has sufficient electricity to start and heat up. Even gas ovens require electricity to light and power certain components. “OE,” is one of the most common Wolf oven fault codes and will be displayed when there is a power issue.

Here’s how to assess for common power problems:

  • Make sure the oven is properly plugged into a functioning outlet.
  • Check the outlet to make sure it’s providing the required voltage. Electric ovens need a 240V outlet, while gas ovens require 120 volts.
  • Look for tripped circuit breakers in your home’s circuit breaker box, repositioning any that may be flipped. 

wolf oven troubleshooting

Oven Preheating Issues

You’ll find your Wolf oven not getting hot enough if it’s not properly preheated. Always preheat your oven until it reaches the desired temperature. This is indicated when the preheating indicator light goes off or if the digital display reaches the set temperature and keeps it displayed. However, different factors can have an effect on how long it takes a Wolf oven to preheat.

These issues can affect Wolf oven preheating:

  • Size: Your Wolf oven’s interior may be larger than other brands, requiring longer preheating times.
  • Voltage: Dual Fuel ranges and electric wall ovens that operate on a lower voltage may take longer to preheat.
  • Gas: Gas ovens fueled by propane may have longer preheating times than those with natural gas.
  • Door Seal Damage: If the gasket around the oven door is ripped or torn, heat can escape, elongating preheating times. A damaged gasket must be replaced for the oven to heat properly.

Convection Fan Malfunction

Convection model Wolf ovens utilize a fan to circulate the oven’s hot air. This results in faster, more even cooking. However, if the fan malfunctions, air won’t circulate and you’ll find your Wolf oven not heating sufficiently or cooking food as quickly.

When the oven is off, test the fan to see if the blades rotate freely by hand. If they do, but the fan still doesn’t operate, the fan motor may have malfunctioned. If multimeter testing confirms a lack of continuity to the motor or the fan blades don’t rotate properly, the fan requires professional replacement.

wolf oven not heating

Defective Wolf Oven Bake Element

If your Wolf electric oven won’t heat up at all a defective bake element may be at fault. Located at the bottom of the oven, this metal coil contains wires that generate heat when receiving an electrical current, heating the oven. When the bake element is operating properly, it should emit a steady heat and a consistent red glow.

However, if the bake element is defective it may show visible damage such as blisters or breaks that lead to uneven heating. It’s also possible that it won’t emit any heat at all. If multimeter testing of the bake element reveals a lack of continuity, it needs a professional replacement.

Faulty Wolf Oven Igniter

Faulty igniters are often to blame for a Wolf gas oven not heating up. This component uses electricity to open the oven’s gas valve, allowing gas to flow. It also generates an electrical spark to ignite the gas as it flows. If the igniter is too weak to open the valve and ignite the gas or has completely malfunctioned, the oven won’t heat up.

To determine if the igniter is faulty, observe it as it tries to light the gas. If it fails to ignite the gas after 90 seconds or doesn’t spark at all it’s faulty and requires replacement. 

Solar Appliance Service can fix a Wolf oven not heating properly or any oven issue. When you need an oven repair service, call us for a fast and professional response!

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