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whirlpool washer not spinning

6 Reasons Why Your Front Load Washer Won’t Spin



A malfunctioning washer can certainly throw a wrench in the day. So when we find a pile of wet laundry because of a washing machine not spinning properly, a simple chore can become a project. We’ll troubleshoot some reasons why your washer won’t spin from an off-balance load to a faulty tub bearing.

What to Do When Your Front Load Washer Won’t Spin

Though a malfunctioning washer may add some stress to your day, sometimes a simple adjustment can get you back on track. We’ll determine what goes wrong when your front load washer won’t spin and how it can be fixed. Because one thing’s for certain; laundry waits for no one!

#1. Washer Is Off Balance

In order for a washer to spin properly, all four legs must be evenly balanced on the floor. An uneven floor could cause an off-balance washer or the machine’s motion can make its legs uneven over time.

To fix a washer out of balance, consult your owner’s manual to determine how the washer legs can be adjusted. Make sure each leg comes in full contact with the floor so the machine remains level despite any flooring unevenness.

#2. Incorrect Wash Cycle

If you notice your washer not spinning we suggest checking the selected wash cycle. Some washer cycles, like the delicate or hand wash setting, will use a slow spin speed to better protect delicate fabrics. Consequently, you may find more water in the washer tub at the end of these cycles.

If you prefer your wash load to have a standard spin cycle, make sure you’ve selected the right setting for your load.

whirlpool front load washer won't spin
Image from Whirlpool

#3. Washer Load Is Out of Balance

Sometimes it’s not the washer that’s the problem; it’s the heavy load inside. A hefty load of bedding or towels can impede the spin cycle when they clump together in the washer drum. Even if the machine can spin, wet laundry on one side of the drum can lessen its speed and leave clothing wet.

Fortunately, an out of balance load has a quick fix. Pause your washer’s cycle and rearrange laundry so it’s balanced on either side of the washer drum. If this doesn’t do the trick, remove some items and add them to a lighter load later.

#4. Washer Drive Belt Broken

When you find your front load washer not spinning, it’s possible a part may have failed. The drive belt can be a common culprit, as it’s constantly working and moving by connecting the motor to the washtub. This motion can lead to damage and breakage, prohibiting the washtub from spinning. In this case, the drive belt will need to be replaced.

washing machine not spinning properly

#5. Faulty Washer Door Lock

Your washer door lock has the essential job of preventing leaks by keeping the door closed and locked during wash cycles. If the door isn’t shut correctly, the wash cycle won’t even begin.

However, if the door lock is damaged or the electrical switch that signals the lock is faulty, the door won’t close properly. In this case, your washer won’t spin or begin a wash cycle. If inspection of the door lock reveals damage or multimeter testing of the electrical switch reveals no continuity, the door lock needs replacement.

#6. Defective Washer Tub Bearing

This bearing on the outside of the washer tub helps keep the inner tub spinning smoothly. Sometimes the bearing can be defective and require replacement. As this can be a complex repair, we recommend a professional assessment.

When a washer won’t spin sometimes a simple adjustment will solve the problem. But when you need the expert eyes of a washing machine repair service, Solar Appliance is here to help. Give us a call for fast and professional assistance.

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