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gas vs electric dryer

Gas or Electric Dryer: Which Is Better for Your Home?



Every home needs a dependable dryer that can be counted on to dry clothes quickly. While repairing a broken dryer is often more cost-effective than replacement, the time will eventually come for a new model. There are many different dryers available though, and you may be wondering whether a gas or electric dryer is best. Follow our guide on each style so you can make the right choice for your needs.

How to Choose Between a Gas or Electric Dryer

The truth is that both gas and electric models work well and can be relied on to get the job done. Still, there are some differences between these types of dryers though. We’ll go over the gas vs electric dryers pros and cons including speed, efficiency, cost, and more.

Heat Source

One of the biggest differences between gas vs electric dryer styles is how they generate heat. Electric dryers are powered and heated solely using electricity from a 240-volt power cord. A heavy-duty cord is required because it needs to power the unit’s controls along with a heating element.

This helps make installation a breeze though, as you can simply plug your dryer into the wall and start using it immediately. With gas dryers though, installation can be a bit more complicated.

Gas units still require electricity to power the fan, drum, and controls, but heat is generated by a gas burner instead. These models require less electricity and only need a standard 110/115-volt cord. You will need to have a gas line installed if you don’t already have one though, so installation should be left to a professional.

gas or electric dryer
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Drying Time

Wondering whether an electric or gas dryer is faster at drying clothes? Electric models don’t get as hot as gas dryers and also take longer to heat up inside. This results in longer cycle times with electric dryers.

Gas models are the best choice for faster drying. They don’t take as long to dry items because they get hotter and reach temperature faster than electric units. Less time tumbling in the dryer also means less damage will be done to your clothes over time.

Energy Efficiency

There isn’t much of a difference in energy efficiency between gas vs electric dryers at first glance. Both use about 750 kWh of electricity while running, making them one of the more costly appliances to use. That’s why you need to take drying time into account.

We know that gas models are faster at drying, so they use less energy due to shorter cycles. No matter which style you choose though, be sure that it’s an Energy Star certified model.

do I need a gas or electric dryer
Image from Energy Star

Household Size

Large families create lots of dirty laundry. That means you’ll need to run more cycles to keep everyone in clean clothes. Since gas dryers offer faster cycle times with lower energy costs, they’re the ideal solution for bigger households.

Electric dryers are more practical for smaller homes and apartments though. They’re quick and easy to install, and you won’t notice a difference in your utility costs since you’re only running a few loads per week.

Overall Cost

The initial price tag can be a difference-maker when choosing between a gas or electric dryer. Gas models are typically more expensive to purchase, but also require less upkeep and fewer repairs. And don’t forget that savings from lower energy costs will add up over time!

Electric dryers don’t cost as much to buy, but frequent use can eliminate those saving due to higher energy bills. Maintenance and repair also tend to cost a bit more with electric models, but not significantly.

Now that you have the facts, you should be able to choose confidently between a gas or electric dryer. If you find yourself in need of local dryer repair service though, be sure to call the experts at Solar Appliance Service right away.

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